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It's time to renew recycled paper's reputation.
It’s been a long-held belief that using sustainable paper comes at the cost 
of reliable performance and that by choosing the more eco-friendly option you’re compromising on sharpness while introducing dirt and grime into your machinery. And at one point that may have been true, but not anymore. Recycled paper is now indistinguishable in appearance and performance, all while maintaining a competitive price.
Recycled paper with peak printing performance.
Modern recycled paper has come a long way, and there are more reasons than ever to consider replacing your virgin grade inkjet paper with 100% recycled alternatives such as Eagle Inkjet 100.
Through improvements in the American Eagle proprietary process, we’re now able to altogether remove the ink, glue, and plastic from waste paper to produce sheets as refined as virgin grade. And by using mixed lengths of recycled fiber, Eagle Inkjet 100 paper offers a smooth, fluid surface for clear, precise prints without any mottle. The result is a reliable, stable paper that runs flawlessly within a wide range of high-speed inkjet presses.
Eagle Inkjet 100 is Better Than Virgin.
Eagle Inkjet 100 offers unsurpassed color performance and post-production advantages not available from any other American inkjet supplier.  Eagle Inkjet 100 meets or outperforms the printing performance of virgin grade alternatives at a price that's competitive and at a level of value that’s unmatched. We challenge you to compare our 100% recycled paper against any 100% Virgin pulp paper for print quality.

See our Eagle Inkjet 100 info sheet to learn more about our range, or request a sample.

Fill out the form or call us at (585) 752-6540 to receive a sample packet and feel the difference first-hand.

Creating a sustainable future

American Eagle Paper Mills® began operating in Tyrone, PA in 1880. In 2003, the mill made a firm commitment to sustainability, retooling and rebuilding to better support the community and the environment. Today, American Eagle Paper Mills produces over 300 tons of premium recycled paper every day, with the mill operating under dramatically reduced greenhouse emissions and more than an 80% reduction in water usage. We’ve dedicated ourselves to bringing premium, high performance recycled paper to new markets and customers. American Eagle Paper Mills is proud to be the only USA owned and operated manufacturer of 100% recycled inkjet paper.

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